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Glasgow Lighting has a wealth of expertise in the provision of energy efficient lighting solutions. With energy costs being paramount to the majority of our customers, renewed vigour is applied to our design services. Energy efficient lighting is now being used by many as a form of cost control by saving significant amounts of energy when lighting their premises.

In today’s climate it’s essential for every company to be looking at reducing their energy consumption, not just to address environmental concerns but also for the financial rewards it can bring.

Whether it be new lighting installations, refurbishment, upgrades to energy efficient lighting we can assist with the design and installation of all different types of lighting.

Glasgow Lighting give a cost effective lighting solution with Energy Efficiency, Maintenance and Quality being high priority.

As a leading supplier of lighting Glasgow for Office, Retail and Leisure establishments, Glasgow Lighting can source modern and traditional light fittings and accessories to suit any venue and can customise ranges to fit your exacting specifications. Intelligent lighting systems can reduce running costs by automatically switching lights off when the room is unoccupied or natural light levels are adequate. These savings are in addition to the savings usually enjoyed by these advanced dimming systems – vastly reduced power consumption and soft start technology enhancing lamp life. Our clients benefit from making the most of features and décor to set them apart from the crowd whilst ensuring lights are only on when needed. Control of individual lights can enable a room to have multiple roles- boardrooms, presentation suites and discos – all through changing light levels. In retail outlets lighting control can ensure that your product is the focus of attention and your products are displayed in the best possible light.

Glasgow Lighting are based in Glasgow and cover the whole of Scotland installing commercial, retail & leisure lighting control systems that add value in a huge variety of scenarios.

About Glasgow Lighting

Glasgow Lighting strengths are meeting budget restraints with quality and style and we can design bespoke specifications that add a special edge to projects.

Our clients include Interior Designers, Architects, Hotel Groups, Bar/Restaurant Owners, Office’s and High Street Retail Chains.

Glasgow Lighting offers a comprehensive lighting design service, creating custom lighting installations and sourcing the unusual for a range of commercial clients.

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